Studio Crash Equipment List

Available Studio Gear

The thing that really sets Studio Crash apart from the competition is the building itself. The size and shape, and underlying construction really makes a huge improvement over what you could get in a smaller studio or home studio. We also have a great assortment of high end microphones and outboard preamps to record through.

Our control room has Pro Tools HD3 Accell hardware, with a list of top-end plug-ins too long to list all individually. We have Genelec studio monitors with subs, and dual 21" computer monitors to speed up the editing and mixing process. Our Control Room features a 24 fader Focusrite - Digidesign control surface with touch sensitive, motorized faders. This enables speedier and more intuitive mixing.

Here’s a detailed list of individual pieces. When you see a “(2X)”, that means there are two of them. “(4X)” means there are four.


Neumann TLM170
Neumann TLM103 (2X)
Neumann KM184 (2X) - matched stereo pair
Peluso VTB
Brauner Phantom AE AKG 414TLII
Beyer MC834
Rode K2 tube mic
Rode NTK tube mic
Audio Technica 4051 (2X)
Audio Technica AE 2500 ElectroVoice RE-20
Sennheiser MD421 (4X)
Shure KSM32
Shure SM7
Shure SM57 (4X)
Shure PE54D vintage dynamic mic
Shure Beta 57
Crown PZM (2X)
Realistic dynamic mic (for grunge)


Pro Tools HD3 Accel (3 cards with 9 processors each)
96i/o 16ch interface (2X)
192 Digital 16ch digital interface
Apple Mac Pro 8-core with 10 external hard drives
external Blu-Ray disc burner for session data backups

DAW Applications

Pro Tools HD
Logic Pro
Digital Performer
Wave Burner CD burning and mastering
Soundtrack Pro (sound effects galore!)


Focusrite ISA428 (Neve designed 4ch preamp with 8ch A/D converter and limiters)
API 2124 (4ch preamp with vintage transformer character)
Millennia HV-3D (8ch extremely high definition preamp)
Earthworks LP1530 Level-Pad (2X)
MOTU digital timepiece synchronizer
Tascam DA30 DAT machine
Tascam 103 professional cassette deck
Denon DN600F professional CD player
Lava Lamp - one of the most important pieces of gear in the place


Digidesign (Avid) | Focusrite Control 24 control surface


Genelec 8040 studio monitors
15” Tannoy PS350B subwoofer
Samson 12 channel headphone amp with 4 “more me” inputs
Samson 8 channel headphone amp
Samson 4 channel headphone amp
Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones (6X)
Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones (10X)
AKG K240 headphones
Shure SHR440 headphones
AKG K55 headphones (4X)
AKG K40 headphones (2X)


Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit
1971 vintage Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum
Gibson Les Paul Studio “Vintage Mahogany” model
Mesa Recto-Verb combo amp
Ibanez Tone-Blaster 2X12 combo amp
Alvarez 12 string Acoustic
M-Audio 88key controller keyboard
various hand percussion (tambourines, shakers, etc.)
Radial J48 (2X) - active direct boxes
Radial A-B switch box
Countryman Type 85 - active direct box
Whirlwind passive direct box
Rapco passive direct box
PRS active direct box

Instrument Plugins

MOTU Mach 5 (We have both the Roland and Vienna orchestral sound libraries)
Addictive Drums
Virus Indigo
XPand 2
Mini Grand
Structure Free

Processing Plugins

Waves Platinum TDM Bundle (contains over 30 plugins) *
Waves Studio Classics Collection TDM (includes [ne]V[e], SSL, and API bundles) *
Waves Transform TDM bundle (includes trans-X, soundshifter, and more) *
Waves GTR3 with PRS interface *
AIR plugin bundle TDM that comes with Pro Tools HD 3 Accel (too many to list) *
Antares Auto Tune TDM
Antares Harmony Enguine Native
Waves Tune Lite
Audioease Altiverb TDM
Reverb One TDM
ReVibe TDM
Bomb Factory Pultec Bundle TDM
Bomb Factory Classic Compressors bundle TDM *
Amp Farm TDM
Cosmonaut Voice TDM
D-Verb TDM
Dynamics III TDM
Focusrite d2/d3 TDM
Impact TDM
Moogerfooger Bundle TDM*
SansAmp PSA-1 TDM
SoundReplacer TDM
Tel-Ray Variable Delay TDM
Time Shift
TL Utilities *
Massey Tape Head TDM
Massey L2007 TDM
Massey CT4 TDM
Massey DTM
… and many more

* Some of these plug-in bundles (like the Waves Platinum bundle) have so many plug-ins that listing them all individually here would be ridiculous. Please check the manufacturers’ respective websites for a complete list of what’s contained in each bundle.