About Studio Crash

Studio Crash has been a top recording studio in Philadelphia for 15 years, consistently achieving excellent results and consistently working to improve. It was started originally by Ed Hamilton and Dave Falciani in the mid 90’s. In 2000 they hired freelance engineer Michael Harmon, an engineer with multi-platinum selling and multi-grammy winning album credits, who soon became the chief engineer. In 2003 Dave and Ed sold the business to Michael. In 2011 the decision was made to move. Studio Crash purchased a 3,700 square ft. commercial property and started design and construction on a new recording studio. I’m happy to introduce the new Studio Crash!

The New Studio Crash is a beautiful recording studio built from the ground up to be world class in the field. With a nice large control room, a huge 840sq ft. live room with 14 ft slanted ceilings, an isolation room, a vocal booth, and two separate amp closets we have plenty of isolated spaces to get great sounds without the need to overdub everything. This makes it possible to record very large groups live and still have plenty of elbowroom and acoustic separation.

Construction. Many studios may beautiful on the surface, like ours, but what’s really important here is the stuff you don’t see. So what is inside the walls and below the floor? Our construction entailed room-within-a-room construction. This means the walls you see are actually TWO (2) walls; each of which have two layers of ⅝” drywall and special acoustic insulation for sound absorption and a 6” air-space between them. These walls are floating on a layer of neoprene for even more sound isolation. The two pieces of glass in the 8 foot window separating the control and live rooms are each ½” thick, adding to the sound control. Under our new strand woven bamboo flooring, each room has its own individual “floating” concrete slab, decoupling it from the other rooms’ floors. Even the HVAC was carefully planned, with every send and return having it’s own insulated flex-duct all the way back to the HVAC unit. We even installed that HVAC unit in a separate building to keep it’s mechanical noise far away from the studio space.

The new studio’s room acoustics are wonderful. Careful consideration in the design was spent on choosing room ratios as mathematically non-correlated as possible, in order to achieve evenly distributed axial, tangential, and oblique room modes. This means we get an amazingly smooth and accurate frequency response in the room ambience. This is something practically impossible to achieve without building from scratch like we did here.

Inside these amazing spaces, we have a plentiful assortment of top end microphones and 16 channels of top level outboard mic preamps. We have ProTools HD3 Accel, with loads of professional dsp-powered plug-ins. This gives us the ability to record and overdub with full on mix level plugin counts and still have latency so low it feels like analog. Most importantly, we have the engineering experience and skills to get the most out of it. And we’ll do it in an efficient, professional, comfortable, and friendly environment.

You owe it to yourself to shop around for the right studio for your project. When you do, don’t just ask for the rates. Listen to some examples of songs mixed by their current engineers. Then call Studio Crash, stop by for a visit and listen to what we’ve mixed. Hear the difference.

We look forward to working with you.